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Freedom from a new aspect - Nównøis releases new single and video

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

London, 4 August, 2023

London-based award-winning music producer, singer, and songwriter, Nównøis keeps pushing the boundaries of electronic music with her third self-produced single in only 5 months. Her unique samples, broken rhythms, and deep philosophical lyrics create an otherworldly atmosphere for an inner journey.

The Hungarian artist’s music is a fusion of experimental electronic music, and trip-hop, with strong r’n’b and Eastern European folk influences. Music blogs compare her to artists like Kate Bush, Portishead, or Björk.

Nównøis’ world is a unique mixture of traditional and contemporary elements in both sound design and visuals. Following the success of her first solo music video for the single “For Tomorrow”, the artist and her creative partner and husband Pav Pav created a vibing visualiser for the new track. Their artistic vision was clear and inalterable. “The original scene for the shooting was a shallow part of the canal in London, which had dried out during the heatwave, so we bought a pool just to be able to experiment on our patio. The weather was terrible, and the shooting took longer as planned: I had to jump into the cold water in 18-21 degrees and wind outside for a couple of days”, Nównøis confessed.

The visuals were inspired by an AI-generated photo of the artist which later became the cover art of “Floating”. The video combines classical photography with cutting-edge technologies.

The rule-breaking artist’s new song features an even more unusual structure compared to the artist’s earlier recordings. The repeated 7-lines lyrics explore the relation between death, rebirth, and freedom. She arranged a song as it was improvised in a jam session where in the different sections different instrumentalists take turns with their solos.

“I wrote the vocal and lyrical themes about 3 years ago. Experimenting with production and sampling my own so-called noises opened up a whole new world, and “Floating” was the first step I took towards creating instrumental music”, the self-publishing producer shares.

Nównøis is currently working on her first EP for a release in November.

Credits: Song written and produced by Nównøis

Mixing: Nównøis, Jose Manuel Cubides

Mastering: Jose Manuel Cubides Music video created by Pav Pav

Artist’s channels:

Press photos available here


For further information and inquiries, contact:

Nównøis PR

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