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London-based music producer Nównøis releases compelling new single "Incomplete"

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

London, UK - May 30, 2023

Nównøis, the award-winning music producer, singer, and songwriter from London, is making a powerful return with her latest single, "Incomplete." Following the tremendous success of her debut release, Nównøis once again captivates audiences with her ability to create fresh and enthralling music.

"Incomplete" marks Nównøis' second self-produced single, following her collaboration with Hungarian trip-hop artist Levente Fegyverneky and the critically acclaimed debut single, "For Tomorrow". Opening with the soothing yet unsettling sound of rain, this three-minute track takes listeners on a captivating journey through the realms of triphop-influenced, electro-infused R'n'B.

Drawing inspiration from a period of intense physical pain that hindered her daily activities, Nównøis reflects on her personal experiences while writing the song. She emphasizes that regardless of the origin of pain, whether physical or emotional, the emotions it evokes are universally relatable.

The lyrics of "Incomplete" delve into the sense of imperfection and self-doubt that often accompanies challenging times. Fearlessly exploring these emotions, Nównøis invites listeners to find solace and connection within their own struggles.

Adding a visual dimension to "Incomplete," Nównøis collaborates with London-based artist Matt Collier. Their artistic synergy effortlessly captures the essence of the song. Collier's artwork, renowned for its incorporation of medical, anatomical, botanical, and geometric elements, beautifully aligns with Nównøis' vision. The cover art features an evocative depiction of a plant losing its connection to the ground, symbolizing the spirit of "Incomplete."

Nównøis and Matt Collier found a natural connection when they met at a live concert a few months ago. Collier's contemporary art draws inspiration from nature and music, infusing rhythm and flow into his works.

Matt Collier shares his excitement about the collaboration, stating, "Nównøis' new song has great potential to leave an impact. Drawing over music is my natural intuition, yet music's influence is paramount." Collier's unique perspective adds another layer of depth to the overall experience of the song released today.

The captivating single, "Incomplete," is now available on all major platforms and digital stores. Listeners can immerse themselves in Nównøis' remarkable blend of genres and emotions while also enjoying the accompanying visuals by Matt Collier. To stay updated on their artistic journeys, follow Nównøis and Matt Collier on social media.

For media inquiries, interviews, or review copies, please contact:

Nównøis PR

About Nównøis:

Nównøis is a Hungarian music producer, singer, and songwriter based in London, known for her groundbreaking blend of trip-hop, ambient, downtempo, and R'n'B influences. By incorporating everyday noises into her production, she has developed a unique and familiar sound. Through her lyrics, Nównøis shares her own perspective, revealing the deepest and most guarded secrets of the human soul. Continuously pushing boundaries, she strives to create music that deeply resonates with her audience. For more information, visit

About Matt Collier:

Matt Collier is a renowned visual artist based in London, recognized for his contemporary art that draws inspiration from medical, anatomical, botanical, and geometric elements. Combining intricate details and thought-provoking concepts, Collier's artwork invites viewers into a world where shapes, colours, and textures intertwine to evoke profound emotional responses. For more information, visit


  • Song: "Incomplete"

  • Written and produced by Nównøis

  • Mixing: Nównøis, Jose Manuel Cubides

  • Mastering: Jose Manuel Cubides

  • Cover art: Matt Collier - 'Polygeranium.' Oil, pen, ink on transparent plastic (35x50cm). 2020&23.

  • Artist photos: Pav Pav

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