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Flowing "Like a River" - the new single is out

Finally! It's been a long journey to get to this point when I'm letting the control over "Like a River" go, and now it's on YOU to keep the song alive.

You might know the feeling when something compels you to continue working; in my case, writing and sharing music, even as a new mother with limited time. I wrote this song during those confusing and stressful moments when you're trying to give 200% and feel like you're losing your sanity. it's about unkept promises, and pushing boundaries: living two lives at once.

Find the song on your favourite platform:

Or click here:


“Like a River” - written, produced, and mixed by Nównøis

Mastering: Arto Salonen aka. Lnoer 

Cover art: Lilla Foga 

Artist photos: Pav Pav

Special thanks to Hypertribe, and you who are listening to my music

Much love,


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