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A vertical journey into the depths of the soul

“Over time, things either wear out or polish to a shine. Sometimes this polishing is also the result of wear. Sometimes layers that were previously covered by many other things come to the surface. You never know what life abrades: Do we lose our values, or it just peels away the extraneous so that the real person can shine through.”

Two Hungarian trip-hop artists, who have been friends for more than 20 years, collaborated on a track titled Golden Gray. The single was inspired by the question: why are we afraid of showing our true faces?

The songwriters, lyricists and producers Nównøis and Levente Fegyverneky have been massive supporters of each other’s music and artistic mission since high school. They always had a lot in common and shared views on the most different topics, and the idea of collaboration has always been in the air.

“At the times we met, trip-hop was considered a new genre, and we couldn’t easily define what we heard, but felt a deep connection to that music. No surprise, it had a huge impact on how we have been expressing ourselves ever since. We can also clearly see, that it takes a lot of courage to make music that does not serve the freshest trends in today’s information and art consumption”, shares Levente Fegyverneky who released his debut single in 2018, followed by several singles.

The more than 4 minutes long, downtempo track broaches questions about honesty and heart-centred decision-making in a metaphorical way. The topic idea originated from the producer Levente, however, it’s one of the subjects the lyricist Nównøis loves to explore. The artist – formerly known as NAGYEDi – has collaborated with producers around the globe, but had an intensifying inner calling to step into her full power and produce her own music.

“As Nównøis, one of my missions is to exclusively collaborate with artists who share the same values. Levente has always been one of them. Our track ‘Golden Gray’ is deep, melancholic, therefore the perfect single to kick off with, showing what people can expect from me”, Nównøis added.

The album cover was designed by artist friend Janó Farkas. The collaborators’ team expanded with filmmaker Ákos Gelencsér, who has also been like family to both artists since high school.

Golden Gray has been released along with a mood video and is available at every major digital store and streaming platform.


Label: Mana Mana Records

Mixing: Suttog

Mastering: Gainlab Studios

Song cover art: Janó Farkas Video: Ákos Gelencsér, Purple Duck Studio Special thanks to: Kriszta Tóth, András Deodát Györei

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