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“Just keep on making headway” - Lnoer and Nównøis’ new single is out

Updated: Nov 17

On the 10th of November, Finnish producer Lnoer and I released a true trip-hop gem titled "Making Headway (A Letter To Me)".

Creating "Making Headway" has been a new example of how a perfect collaboration could work: effortlessly, and in awe of each other's artistry. I feel super lucky to be able to meet more and more artists who share the same values as what I stand for.

The track Lnoer sent me a few months back was so inspiring that I wrote the vocal melody and even the skeleton of the lyrics on the spot, at first listening. Sometimes things just align. I had something to sing about, and the music brought it to the surface.

"I mostly make instrumental music, but every now and then I come up with something that would really benefit from having some vocals. Luckily, I happened to mention this to Nównøis, whose talent I'm in awe of. I immediately had this particular song idea in mind and the first demo I sent her is now "Making Headway" - and I couldn't be happier. She really embraced it and took it to the next level”, shared Lnoer.

Every time I go through a battle, I realise that the biggest enemy we have to face is ourselves, hence the alternative title, 'A Letter to Me. It can also be a letter to you when you feel stuck. A reminder that no matter what issues you're facing, just keep on moving forward towards your goals.

Click or tap the photo above to listen to the track that is available on every major streaming platform and digital music store.

The track "Making Headway" is getting amazing feedback from true trip-hop lovers. Are you one of them?


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