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Trip-hop producer Ainti drops second single featuring Nównøis

Updated: Jan 26

Antonio Revuelta and I met in the 'Trip-hop Lovers' Facebook group, which might sound familiar to you; it's also where I digitally bumped into Lnoer. I enjoy collaborating with other producers, as you've probably noticed. However, not every project is the same. The track I worked on with Ainti, for instance, is special in several unique ways.

The reason I enjoy collaborating is the focus it allows me on vocals and lyrics, streamlining the song release process. Production, still an experimental venture for me, often involves prolonged exploration. In the newly released song 'My very good days,' I took on a different role, providing voiceover for the composer's lyrics and melodies. The first time I heard the music, I was captivated by the vocal melody, so unlike anything I would write, with its unconventional intervals and out-of-key sensations. And those industrial progressive beats truly stole my heart.

This is why I described 'My Very Good Days' as 'a track featuring my voice.' Ainti had a clear vision not only for the music he composed, produced, mixed, and mastered, but also for the emotions and visuals he wanted to convey through my performance. Hence, my short post about the track, as Ainti himself could share more about his inspiration behind it.

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"My Very Good Days goes through the surface of fun and dives into the raw essence of female desire. The lyrics cut through societal judgments and narrow perspectives, laying bare the resilience inherent in the feminine spirit.

Nównøis, with her distinctive vocals, becomes the living embodiment of this narrative, imprinting her personality onto the song and infusing it with a soulful resonance. Her contribution isn’t just a feature but an element that breathes life into the song.

It talks about the complexities of desire and the courage to defy judgment." (

This collaboration has been an inspiring challenge for me, and I am honoured to have been part of it. I see a bright future for Ainti and highly recommend his work, especially for fans of Tricky and Massive Attack.

Listen to the track here.

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